• Timeline Navigation

    For any date-series of related events, navigating along an interactive (zoom and pan) timeline.

  • Integrated Multimedia

    While viewing a timeline, you can listen to an audio podcast or watch a Youtube video. Connections can more easily be explored.

  • Crowdsourced Clip Marks

    When playing a media clip, the clipDiver flag can be clicked to mark that specific point for any reason. Some marks may be created by the media creator and shared as a way to facilitate accessing their show, for example. Others are completely anonymous in that there is no explicitly stated meaning for the mark.

  • Timelines Add Context

    Often, it is difficult to visualize the intervals between events... especially if they occur over a longer period of time. The ability to view BOTH the big picture, by zooming out and showing a wide range of time, and the detail, by zooming in to a short period -stretching time out to seconds, perhaps- is what adds value to the interactive timeline perspective. It is very flexible.

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